Business Intelligence, and Systems Automation

Automate critical tasks and processes in your organization, to improve visibility, reporting and decision making.

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Systems Automation

Automation is the key to an organization's digital transformation. We develop and deploy automation solutions for all organizaitonal units to increase cost-savings, reduce human error, improve reliability and visibility of processes, and ultimately allow an organization to deliver its services faster. Automation serves as the foundation for all other aspects of digital transformation such as integration of Business Intelligence Systems, Real Time Reporting, and Continuous Incremental Improvement to Operations.

Business Intelligence

Organization's today survive or thrive based on the quality of insights that they can extract from their internal data. To achieve this we design and build fully fledged, customized Business Intelligence Systems for our clients.

Our BI systems allow automatic extraction of Customer, Product and Accounts data from Legacy Systems, ERPs and Core Banking Systems (CBSs) for use in custom BI Reporting Tools and Dashboards. We ensure realtime availability of insights from the customer's data by integrating our BI toolchain with the organization's Internal APIs or custom built ETL pipelines.


We provide consulting services for organization's to in the areas of:

  • Automating and organization's processes
  • Testing, evaluating, and supporting existing software solutions
  • Planning, development and implementation of new software solutions